arabic movable alphabet

Salaam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu,

I got this idea from islamic montessori… you can find their link here. Each letter is printed out 5 times, and then laminated and cut. I used simple clear compartment art boxes from the dollar store. My son will learn the letters from alif to yaa, and then he will recognize them as I call them in random order… then he should inshaAllah be able to tell me which letters spell out a word I give him and he will line those letters up next to each other. Of course he wont be able to join them at that point, but I dont expect him to anyway, he is only 4 alhamdulillah…. and yes, I know I need to wash my kitchen floor…. oh and in the bottom of the last box, you can kind of see the arabic letter magnets too alhamdulillah.


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