I miss it…

Yemen. I miss Yemen. In Yemen I could let my son loose outside, knowing that one of my nephews would constantly watch him as they played outside from sunrise to sunset in thobes and barefeet. They would get as messy as they wanted before going swimming just outside of the village… and not worrying how hard it is going to be to find a quran teacher because there, in Yemen, there are more than I could count who would come to my house alhamdulillah!
That being said, I think it is my next task… not going back but rather finding a quran teacher for my son inshaAllah. One sister I know teaches quran, but if I send my son, all he will want to do is play with her son (they are friends mashaAllah) and he wont take her seriously Allahu aleem.  Make dua’a please for me that Allah makes it easy…


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