nothing too much to say…

Alhamdulillah there is nothing too much new on the homeschool front. We are still learning to write our letters and doing simple math concepts… I need to take him out more than I do for science activities inshaAllah. As for islamic studies, he knows some tawheed and has been letting me know everything that was made by Allah subhanAllah wa tala… if you ask him who is Allah, he will tell you “He’s one, Our creator”, mashaAllah. Quran is going, but I have a new Quran schedule for him inshaAllah… (I did get this from a sister’s site, though I forget which one, so if it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit inshaAllah)…

Daily Quran Review: Juz Amma

after fajr or sometime in the morning
surahs 78-82

after thuhr
surahs 83-90

after asr
surahs 91-98

after maghrib
surahs 99-106

after Isha (or before if isha is later)
surahs 107-114

I am also working on teaching him the islamic months of the year inshaAllah (muharram, sufr, etc….)


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