fundraising inshaAllah… calling all your daughters to get involved!

So I am still coming up with ways to fund raise for our on-going project for our sisters in Yemen insha’Allah. Does anyone have any middle eastern recipes for sweets? I found a recipe for Fatima’s Fingers (which are like ricotta filled crepes), Chocolate covered dates, and baklawa and Zalabiya (yemeni fried sweet rings) . I am looking for simple recipes inshaAllah that could preferably be frozen but if not, thats fine too. Insha’Allah I will use these recipes in a bake sale during Jummah in the upcoming weeks. So ask your daughters (or sons) what their favourite recipes are and email them to me inshaAllah or comment with a link to them below ok? Let your daughters know that they will be helping with this and inshaAllah for every item we sell from their recipe, they will get ajer bithin’Allah! Jazak Allah khair sisters!



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2 responses to “fundraising inshaAllah… calling all your daughters to get involved!

  1. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis! We don’t know any Middle Eastern recipes for sweets! We do have a recipe for banana pudding and it’s quick and easy to make. InshaALLAH let me know if you want it.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

    • Walaikum salaam habibti
      Thats okay mashaAllah! Allah reward you sis, but I dont know what I would put that in to sell subhanAllah 🙂 would be good for my kids though if you would like to still email it to me 🙂 Thanks so much!

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