University?…Im going to be a Muhajiraat insha’Allah

Asalaamu alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu,
So for a long time I have had it in the back of my mind that I will go to Medical University once we get to Yemen, if we get to Yemen insha’Allah. I know I want to go but then that would mean having my sister in law watch the kids, or at least my daughter because my son would be in school… I dont know how other sisters do it, go to University and have a husband and family and take care of all your other responsibilities on top of it… If any of you are in this situation, please let me know…lol.



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4 responses to “University?…Im going to be a Muhajiraat insha’Allah

  1. Muneera

    wa alaykoum asalaam wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh!

    Doesn’t everyone out there hire nannies and housekeepers? I heard that this is very affordable there.


  2. Salaam alaikum uhkti

    I know they hire them alot in KSA but honestly, I was there for almost 7 months and no one that I met had either a nanny or housekeeper. Although it is a good idea, I wouldn’t rely on one for my daughters care, she requires daily medical care alhamdulillah… ya rabb, shafiyah ameen.

    How is your family?

    • Muneera

      Wa alaykoum asalam,

      We’re good alhamdulillah, trying to power through another cold, lol. This up and down weather is taking its toll.
      Inshallah you’ll find a solution if you go to Yemen.

      I wish we could meet up on Monday, maybe something will work out inshallah.

      take care

      • salaam alaikum
        We wont be coming alhamdulillah our daughter is sick please just make dua’a for her inshaAllah…I will talk with you later bithn’Allah…jazakAllah khair uhkti…

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