date chain

Asalaamu alaikum
I found this online a while ago and wanted to share it, a date chain for ramadhan….
The date chain completed.
First you cut a piece of cellophane in a rectangle (half the length of the roll and about 6 inches tall) and lay the dates in it (enough for one date per person in your family, i.e… 2 parents 7 kids=9 dates)
Then you roll the dates up.
Then you tie either end.
Then, you fold the roll in half and tie a ribbon towards the dates to make a cellophane loop. And you nee to repeat the first steps until you have 30 bunches
Now, you use a ribbon and connect the bunches by their loops. Be sure to have all the loops facing the same direction (I did up). And, tie the ribbon in a bow so the kids can just pull one end of the bow to release the bunch for the day.
Finally, secure the whole thing to a piece of cardboard through 2 holes and two pieces of the ribbon looped through the last cellophane hole. I put Happy Eid on ours since once they get to the end of the chain it will be eid.


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