“…alhamdulillah, my ears can hear…”

Asalaamu alaikum,
Okay so I am determined to start a health lesson for my son inshaAllah… I am making a 5 senses journal for him for a week (7 full days, not only 5)  and I will fill in the gaps with activities such as the following:

Painting with texture:

Materials: Tempera paint in a variety of colors, sand, coffee grounds, spices, crumbled natural items, epson salt, baking soda, liquid starch, salt, corn meal, etc.

Description: Offer painting experiences with paint to which one of the above ingredients has been added. Encourage your son/daughter to use words to describe what they see, feel, and smell.

A texture box:

Place different texture material in the box/bag – sandpaper, coins, doll, pine cones, rice, aluminum foil, burlap, cotton balls etc. Your son/daughter reaches in and explains what they feel.  This can also be a quite activity they can do on their own if you have a montessori classroom.

Sense of smell:

Materials: You will need about 5 jars (empty baby food jars will do, wrapped will paper so they cant see inside), coffee grounds in one jar, whole spices in another, a third jar you can use some liquid soap, in the fourth jar you can use dry lima beans, and in the fifth jar you can use flowers. Other suggestions are different extracts. Vanilla extract, peppermint extract, coconut extract, maybe tea bags, etc.

Sense of taste:

During this activity, children explore the 4 major tastes that the tongue can sense; bitter, sweet, sour and salty.

You will need:
Lemon wedges, candy, unsweetened cocoa, salt, small paper plates, small spoons, unbreakable hand-held mirrors and a cup of water for each of your sons/daughters and a blindfold for each.

Blindfold each child. Give them a taste of each item, rinsing their mouth with water in between each taste inshaAllah. Ask them to describe what it tastes like… you can encourage them by asking, “Is it sweet? Sour? Bitter or salty?” Make them guess what each item was. Explain how Allah subhana wa t’ala gave them taste buds on their tongue and show them in the mirrors.  To finish you can read a senses poem or maybe the islamic book, “A tongue to Taste”.


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