Gulf Cooking

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
The Nestle Website (which you can find the link for here in english and here in arabic) has a collection of simple recipes under the tab “our kitchen”. If you click “show options” you can choose to search for recipes by:

type: starters, main courses, desserts
category: poultry, veggie, seafood, red meat, arabic desserts, pies, cakes, other desserts
or cuisine: in alphabetical order, american, arabian gulf, arabic,… kuwati..omani..saudi…yemeni…etc

It will even tell you the cost to make it (, moderate, expensive) but the recipes Ive used have always been cheap… maybe because I use mainly yemeni recipes though… I have tried a couple saudi ones and they were cheap as well and these recipes usually feed between 5-8 people. (It will tell you on the recipe too alhamdulillah).


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