I did it! (though only partly)..

Asalaamu alaikum
I just finished making and freezing cream cheese sambosas for iftars. I made, I think 70… although my son ate about 11 mashaAllah so final count is kind of rough. And yes, the first batch is plain because i was too tired to remember the rest of the ingredients alhamdulillah. Next Im going to make veggie ones inshaAllah. Or maybe lamb ones, those are always good mashaAllah…. the recipe for the cream cheese ones are easy, here are the ingredients…

cream cheese  (kiri or philidelphia)
mozzarella cheese (optional)
feta cheese (optional)
2tbsp milk (did not use it though, cheese was creamy enough)
fresh chopped parsley
chopped onions
chopped garlic (I would normally use 3 but my husband doesnt like it, so I used one alhamdulillah).

Mix all ingredients together. Fill wrappers and brush edges of wrappers with a water/flour paste (three tbsp of each should suffice for all the wrappers insha’Allah). Fold into triangle, place in ziplock bag or container and freeze until needed.


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