Asalaamu alaikum rahmatullah wa barakatu,
I know it is an obvious characteristic you try to instill in your son or daughter, but inshaAllah, my son will be empathetic when he is older. What I do not like astughfirullah is when people cannot empathize with your situation, only to make the situation worse such as it is alhamdulillah which I now have to sort out in someway, please make duaa for me. InshaAllah I will try to explain another time, it is nothing too serious inshaAllah, I just needed a moment to vent, jazakallah khair.



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2 responses to “empathetic.

  1. Hope things are well with you and Ibn sis. May Allaah make it easy for you, Aameen

  2. ameen to your duaa habibti, jazakallah khair

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