make an ocean

Alhamdulillah if you were blessed to live near the ocean, you could take a trip down there with your son or daughter but right now, we live in the middle of the continent so we are making our own ocean for his water curriculum for science inshaAllah. Here are the instructions:

What You Need:

  • Clean, 2-liter plastic bottle with cap.
  • Canola Oil
  • Water
  • Food coloring (blue is always a good choice for literal-minded kinders)

What to Do:

  1. Start by helping your young scientist to pour canola oil into your bottle until it’s about 1/3 full.
  2. Help your son or daughter pour in enough water to fill the rest of the bottle.  Add a few drops of food coloring, cap the bottle securely, and put the bottle on its side.
  3. Now swish the bottle back and forth, side to side.  Look at what’s happening— there’s an ocean in the bottle!
  4. As an extra option, consider making a little “boat” from a cork that fits through the top opening of your bottle.  Watch how the cork bobs on the waves, just like a sailboat.

Did You Know?

Waves happen when our earth spins on its axis and water is pulled by gravity across the geological formations of the ocean floor.  When you move the bottle, you’re seeing energy move through the water to make waves, just like out in the ocean!

What does the Qur’an say?
Allah says:

And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): this is palatable and sweet, and that is salty and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them. (25:53)

Quran on Darkness in the Ocean/Sea and internal waves….

Allah says:

(Or [the state of a disbeliever] is like the darkness in a vast deep sea, overwhelmed with waves topped by waves, topped by dark clouds, (layers of) darkness upon darkness: if a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it! And he for whom Allah has not appointed light for him there is no light.) (24:40)


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  1. Masha Allaah great learning experience!

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