a re-post: a cup of tea with my Lord and cake

Asalaamu aalikum sisters
This is a repost from Morrocan Motherhood’s blog here, as I think it well worth a glance. She says and I quote:

” Wake up with the call to Morning Prayer al-Fajr..
– Make Wudu (obligatory washing before prayer).
– Put some water to boil.
– Pray Fajr.
– Put your favourite tea into a mug and pour water over it.
– Read one page of the Qur’an or another religious book while your tea steeps.
– Drink your tea while reading and reflecting on the translation/tafseer or the pages of the book.
– Pick out some topics to discuss with your kids during the upcoming day and enjoy the calm before busy family life begins…”

I  myself always feel like I dont have enough time in my day. Or I will have a reason of how I am so busy that I cannot take three minutes to read one page of Qu’ran astughfirullah. I need to get into the idea of waking up and not rushing fajr and actually staying awake as opposed to going back under my blanket inshaAllah. Make duaa please that it gets easier for me, and I will make duaa that it gets easier for all of you. JazakAllah to Sister Itto for this valuable reminder…

Another day a couple of years ago, she also graciously posted this lovely vegan-cake recipe which looks soo tempting to make inshaAllah with my son, so here is the link… (click on the photo below).

Much love to my sisters for the sake of Allah subhana wa t’ala!


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