handmade (faceless) doll

Asalaamu alaikum rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
I made a doll this afternoon for my neice Amal… alhamdulillah by making it I was able to choose a faceless one for islamic reasons. I also am making her a matching hijab inshaAllah.. here are the photographs.


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4 responses to “handmade (faceless) doll

  1. Masha Allaah! Wonderful! I am sure Maimoonah will love it so much : )

  2. ameena

    I would love to have directions on how to make. I cannot find anything for my daughter.

    • salaam alaikum uhkti ameena…. (that’s my sister in laws name 🙂 ) anyway it was my first time making one… I went to the craft store and they sell the doll body parts… you just stuff them and sew them together… I used red yarn for the hair and traced around the dolls body on old material and made it look dress shaped and hand sewed it. I cut a square piece, added a piece of zigzag material zlong the edge and pinned it closed. If you do shorter hair and a white dress it can be a boy inshaAllah in a thobe lol. some choose to make button eyes and sew a mouth etc… when I sent it to my niece, she asked her mom where the dolls face was so I think her mom made her a face lol. Elhamdulillah Its the thought that counts….

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