horses and apples, and my dear son mashaAllah

Asalaamu alaikum
I went with a group of sisters and their children today we (my son and myself) went to the orchard for some apple picking, hay throwing and horses… here are the photos below. We saw a birds nest as well, and what seemed like a hundred birds flying by subhanAllah… we saw the horses and donkey and picked lots of apples mashaAllah and I had a wonderful conversation with the kids about who created the horses and apples, and the blessings of Allah, a discussion on health and an impromptu baking class mashaAllah. Oh and my son fed apples to the horses mashaallah.



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5 responses to “horses and apples, and my dear son mashaAllah

  1. Masha Allaah beautiful outing! I am sure all of you enjoyed the great learning experience Insha Allaah!

  2. Masha Allah that you can find sisters to do things. Where I live they are never interested in things like this.

    • salaam uhkti aishah,
      it wasnt as easy as it sounds wallahi, on the invite list there were at least 30 sisters and only about 9 of those sisters showed up subhanAllah, some without rsvp-ing. (which, alhamdulillah I am still happy they came, dont get me wrong, i just printed materials and never had enough to go around in the end). We still had a nice time, although a couple came with their husbands so we eventually ended up split off from the rest of the group alhamdulillah. It was fun though… the sister I was with (yes M, you) climbed the apple tree all the way to the top and started throwing down apples to me because the apples were picked from the bottom of the trees and she didnt want to go home empty handed lol. We took turns climbing trees and sending our kids up mashaAllah, it was fun. What country do you live in sister?

      • Asalaamu alaikum

        What country? You forgot me again, lol. I live about one hour from you right here in Ontario. 🙂

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