Hajj Curriculum

Asalaamu aalikum sisters,
InshaAllah starting shortly I am going to be starting my sons hajj unit inshaAllah. My dh is going to be making hajj this year, so it is a wonderful time to instill the importance of it into my son. From hajj and eid al adha crafts to making a video of a “hajj” trip in full “ihram” (and, yes,  getting his head shaved), my ds will be busy inshaAllah, so stay posted for all to come.

some things to come: fasting first ten days of thul-hijjah (maybe he will try one day, I will fast the rest inshaAllah)
importance of tahleel and takbeer, tahmeed and dhikr
making  hajj “trip” pamphlets
learning rights of hajj
making a paper maiche sheep
doing more nafl deeds inshaAllah includ: charity, salaah, sawm, memorizing more Qu’ran
learning about Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his life
and more inshaAllah…..!


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  1. Masha Allaah great plans. Hope and pray you all have a great learning experience Insha Allaah!

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