thrift/repurposing store

Salaam alikum sisters
In the islamic center near my home, they have a room which acts as a sort of thrift/repurposing store, when there is something you no longer want, you take it there and they sell it for .50 center or 1.00 depending. Anyway, I found a couple things last night mashaAllah…

<a 3 hole puncher i had been wanting for a long time which i was going to purchase from the office supply store for 12.99 if I could find one. Alhamdulillah I found one for 1.00

<a cute pair of new walking trainers for my daughter and her physiotherapy with her walker that she will be getting soon inshaAllah… (price tag inside the shoe said 17.99, I got them for .50cents).

 <…and an early learning puzzle set for opposites, abc’s and numbers, also 1.00 mashaAllah.



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2 responses to “thrift/repurposing store

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Masha Allah I missed this post, just seeing it now. This is really great! I wish our mosque had something like this. My daughter has something even better; in her apt laundry room people leave stuff and you can just take it or you can leave stuff for others to take. My daughter has found some great things. ( I don’t mean their clothing, lol).

    • MashaAllah that is quite a good deal, especially when people are moving in or out of the complex, there is always something that they cant take with them but dont want to throw out…

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