near the gate, near the kaaba… its all the same right?

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
My husband just phoned me and informed me he prayed at the Prophet’s Mosque… although because of the amount of people, it was near the gates the mosque but who is keeping track right? lol  Once they got off the plane they had to drive 12 km… it took like six hours of travelling subhanAllah. His mother is tired mashaAllah so she is resting in the hotel. He told me, that he wishes I was there… he said it is far better than anyone could explain to you, he was breathless subhanAllah. Hearing him and that he prayed there made me want to cry, I was so happy for him alhamdulillah. And yes, I wish I was there, though alhamdulillah, I am home with our children. I feel like Allah has kept me here for a reason, and we all know our life is written, really though, if I wasnt here, my son would not learn about hajj himself alhamdulillah. InshaAllah we are going to be doing a lot of activities this week.


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  1. Masha Allaah sis! Great experience to be in Masjidun Nabawi. Do not worry Allaah will make you go soon Insha Allaah!

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