Saudi-Juz a little update on dh

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
SubhanAllah, I just tuned into the sattelite for the first time since my husband has left and I knew there would be more people in Saudi for hajj but honestly, I do not know how my husband is going to take his mother in a wheelchair there subhanAllah. Allah make it easy for him. There is no place to walk masha’Allah. You cannot see a centimeter of floor anywhere in the mosque or around the Kaaba. Although it is this crowded, I have to give my husband credit for trying to stratigize masha’Allah. He would watch Ummrah and see how many people were there at different times of the day, calculate the time, and he said he would go when the people were less insha’Allah. I do not know how well this will work though, but make duaa, Allah make it easy ameen.

On a more blessed note, it is five am in Saudi so his plane should have landed inshaAllah. He said he would phone me when he got there inshaAllah so I think I will go make myself a cup of tea and await his call…


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  1. May Allaah reward you husband and accept their Hajj. Do not worry sis I have been there during hajj and many times during Umrah when its crowded. Everyone one them will be able to perform everything Insha Allaah! This is the blessing of Allaah in there. So be calm he will do everything well! Experience is so wonderful indeed!

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