tawaaf around the Kaa’ba

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, my son and I made a larger kaa’ba and small scale one as well. He made his tawaaf around the kaa’ba seven times saying, “Labbaik Allah humma labbaik, Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik, Innal hamda, Wan-ni’mata, Laka walmulk, Laa sharika lak”. Oh and my dh’s gift for when he gets back from hajj bithin’Allah…

We then made a video of him (which I will not be posting though)  of him singing and doing the actions to the nasheed “We will all go to Mecca on the Hajj”. You can find it here inshaAllah. Here is the small scale kaa’ba below in the photo. I glued a couple layers of cardboard behind every second hajji to give it a nice effect mashaAllah. It looks nicer in life, the picture doesnt do much for it alhamdulillah.

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