read the Qu’ran insha’Allah, and understand what you read…

Asalaamu alaikum rhamatullah wa barakatu,
I have been making a point lately to try and read more Qu’ran whenever possible insha’Allah. We should always make sure to know the reasoning behind the soorah insha’Allah. We can go on all night in arabic transliteration but if we do not know what we are reading, it makes no difference on our hearts and does not have an effect on our lives subhana’Allah. For those of you who do not speak arabic as a first fluent language, here is a nice site with Ibn Kathir tafseer on the Qu’ran. Insha’Allah you find it as thoughtful and useful as I have.

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Read. In the name of your Lord and Cherisher who created mankind out of a clot of congealed blood, read.
And your Lord is Most Bountiful. He who taught the use of the pen, taught man that which he did not know.
Know that man does transgress all bounds that he looks upon himself as self sufficent.

Verily to your Lord, is the return of all.

Surah Al’Alaq verse 1/8

Those who believe and those whos hearts find comfort in the rememberance of Allah. Indeed it is with the rememberance of Allah that hearts are comforted.

Surah Raad 13:28

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