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Asalaamu alaikum
Okay so this is about as random a post as I have ever written, so let me just get to the point… Yemen hosted the Gulf Cup for football (soccer in western dialect). Kuwait won, yes, but the fact that Yemen was able to host it among all the security concerns is astonishing to say to the least and I am hoping that it puts it back on the map for a top place to visit in the Middle East. At the very least it shows that the concerns many have are not as warranted as they seem inshaAllah. It has so many beautiful places to see, one person could not possibly see them all in one trip alone. The people are beautiful and friendly, the history is rich, mountains are breath taking and the sea has the most beautiful water for miles. I would encourage anyone who wants to travel to go there. I know, this sounds like a public service announcement for the ministry of tourism lol. I just miss home…. waking up to the crisp air, the innocence of my in laws’ sons and daughters, and the sound of the athan and the voices of my family downstairs… and the simplicity.


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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Isn’t Canada home? I thought you said you were a convert?

    • salaam, it is, but in order to make hijra, yemen is 🙂 I was there for 6 months before and i consider that my home 🙂 (inshaAllah I will be back there soon, once my daughters condition approves)

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Good to know you enjoyed it. I made hijra to Malaysia in 2000 and was so disappointed. I miss the Azan but that’s about it. The jobs there can’t even support a big family and I went there for the sake of Islam but that didn’t work out either. Masha Allah.

    May Allah heal your daughter. Amin.

    • MashaAllah you made hijra to malaysia? with your large family? Allah reward you for your intention uhkti… yemen is so much better wallah, the cost of living is low, and everyone has a large family..yes, its the poorest country in the middle east and not nearly as developed but life there is simple mashaAllah… in malaysia the typical family is 1 or 2 children am I right? Tax is comparatively high in malaysia with very less standard deductions on the income. Apart from the Income tax, there is a 12.5% service/government tax in all the Big restaurants. Public transport in malaysia is very inadequate for a normal living and owning a car is a must. Mostly a car per working adult is a must. so working couples will need to own two cars to avoid lot inconvenience. The cost of ownership of a car is very high and it could be among the worst place to own a car. Petrol costs RM 1.80 per litre and most of the roads are toll roads. Life in malaysia will be wonderful if you have a stable income for your large family at least RM 6000 Allahu alim. Alhamdulillah, maybe it was not written for you to move there… Allah makes easy what is good for us right?

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    One or two children? No, its not that low yet. Dh’s family has 10 kids and his siblings all have between 3-8 kids. A lot of people don’t own cars, only motorbikes. People rely on taxis a lot which are cheap. There are buses too.
    6000 MR well, maybe you need even more than that. Dh made 2000 MR which is only $800 Canadian and that was at that time. But for sure no one is starving like in your article about Yemen. That is unbelievable. How did you know so much about Malaysia?

    • salaam uhkti,,

      I know so much about malaysia because I found a sisters hijra site. Unless you are in Yemen, a motorbike usually hold only 2 people so that must be hard for large families to get around, unless you use taxi like you said. The state of Yemen is sad, something needs to be done but people are too concentrated on the war to see through the window on the other side… there is also a humanitarian crisis which gets pushed to the side because of all this negative media regarding the war and terrorism, its the only thing that makes the news, so I think people are scared to contribute to Yemen, in fear they will be accused of providing monetary support to the tribes or al-qaida. They need to do more in yemen to fix the food crisis and prevent the ongoing wars inshaAllah.

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