end of break…

Asalaamu alaikum,

Now that our break is over and we are studying again, I thought I would update  everyone with what has been going on… basically we have been staying inside the past three weeks, so that (bithinAllah) my daughter doesnt catch any viruses. My mother is coming on the 9th and my daughter has surgery on the 10th in the city inshaAllah, please make duaa for her… we will be in hospital for about 9 days.

On a happier note, my son has started attending a kids halaqah put on by DH and the other brothers (our neighbors) in the islamic center. They study Quran which helps me, as we all know about my tashweed issues alhamdulillah.  I think it was a little easier for him though because I have taught him the soorahs so they are not really new per say, it is more tashweed.

Oh and on a happy shopping note, I found three packages of Nescafe (twenty cups to a package) of coffee for one dollar. Yes, that is sixty cups of coffee for a dollar… you did not read that wrong. I always told my husband I was a good woman to marry because I know how to shop… he still thinks Im joking though…


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