“I want to be Abu Bakr.”

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

In todays age and time, our sons and daughters are looking more to false heros in fictional books or the media to find someone to idolize, follow, or use as an example of how they, themselves want to be as they grow older inshaAllah. We need to keep the stories we tell them of the sahaba of rasoolullah and rasoolullah himself in the home. They need real people in history to look up to such as Abu Bakr (ra), Rasoolullah Muhammad (saaw),Umar (ra), Khadijja bint Khwaylad, Faatimah bint Muhammad, Aasiyah bint Mazaahim, and Maryam bint ‘Imraan. Watch the video below please to further explain the significance of this topic inshaAllah.


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One response to ““I want to be Abu Bakr.”

  1. Masha Allaah very true. We need to cultivate our kids with heros of Islam, the Prophets, Sahabah, the Taabieen, at baaut taabieen and those scholars who followed them. Insha Allaah!

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