Tawokal Karman

Salaam alaikum sisters,
For those of you who are not familier with her, Tawokal Karman is the founder of Women Journalists without Chains in Yemen, a Yemeni journalist and activist who has devoted herself to the fight for journalistic freedom for Yemen—a fight which has proven to be difficult, particularly due to the Yemeni government’s adamant opposition to the group’s cause. She gave the youth a voice on January sixteenth, 2011 after the demonstrations in Tunisia. I just watched a program about her on People in Power on Aljzaeera. (You can watch the program here insha’Allah) There was a conversation she had with another sister in the womens protest camp outside the university that made me laugh so hard, it nearly brought me to tears…. enjoy..

Tawakol: “We are going to protest altogether at the presidents palace, are you coming with me?”
(the sister she was speaking to in the tent): “Yes, I will bake some biscuits. So when people come back from the presidential palace all beaten up, I will give them the biscuits!”


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