ok, so back to homeschooling, insha’Allah

Salaam alaikum sisters,
I must apologize to those of you who come to my site for homeschooling ideas and resources as those posts, although overwhelming my mind, have not been on my wordpress lately. I am talking with other sisters about organizing a full time islamic school for our children next year inshaallah. 

I also made a deal with my dh, that I will find out the curriculum in my sons current school for next year, and if he knows it all by the end of the summer, (Allah make it easy), I get to homeschool him next year inshaAllah. (Whether the islamic school program the sisters and I are putting together is ready, will not be in question). So by the will of Allah, I should be homeschooling full time starting June.

What does this mean for all of you? More posts on homeschooling of course! I am just as excited, trust me. I love reading your blogs too, I have used so many of your own ideas with my son, some more than once. It really helps to build a strong curriculum mashaAllah, so jazakAllah khair for that, (thankyou). Also, with my dd coming to two years old on 07/26, September she should be ready for ‘school’ too inshaAllah. Oh the things that will happen inshaAllah.


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