summer is approaching…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, with summer fast approaching, what are you going to do in regards to schooling your daughters and sons? Will you take the full summer off and go visit family back home, or have them work through june and july? Any thoughts?



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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    June for sure but not for the summer holidays…especially with Ramadan taking the whole month of August.

    • I dont think we are going anywhere far for the summer, maybe to the beach every now and then, but then again, its always a learning experience mashaAllah.

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    Don’t we are always in a state of learning formally or informally? That’s what I like to tell my kids that every experience should be taken as a learning experience. While it’s good to soemtimes just relax and do nothing formal in summers. We in the past have done some different things in summers. For example make a travel log book. So if you are travelling back home or vacationing the lil ones could write draw or stick their recollections and memmoirs. We one time made a tarvelogue Lapbook and stuck tickets of places we visited, recorded the highways we crossed, some interesting facts about the place, it’s history. Oh! you could do so much depending on the place you are visiting. Even the ones we didn’t jot down we discussed. Those casual learning are imprinted in the mind Mashallah! We intend to take that lapbook with us everytime we visit there actually and add on to it Alhumdolillah As with Ramadan coming in the summer I guess we will have lot’s to keep us busys. I try and follow a certain plan every Ramadan as the kids are growing Mashallah I will soon be sharing our this years plan Inshallah for now you might want to check out what we did last year:

    • MashaAllah uhkti, I just saw your last years ramadhan experience, very nice mashaAllah. I really want my son to learn the meaning of charity this year inshaAllah so I think we will concentrate on that for the summer (as well as math and arabic). For Augest, alhamdulillah we will obviously do ramadhan/eid learning inshaAllah.

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