Saleh injured, leaves Yemen

Asalaamu alaikum,
Saleh has left Yemen as president, and now the vice president – Abd Raboo Mansour Hadi – has taken on the Presidential  responsibilities. Dr. Mohamed Abd Al-Malek Al-Mutawakel, member of the supreme council of the opposition coalition known as the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) told the Yemen Times that vice-president is the legitimate person to take over the president’s tasks for 60 days and presidential elections are to be held during this period, according to Yemen’s constitution.

Currently, Saleh is in Riyyadh Saudi, seeking medical attention after his presidential compound was attacked on 06/04/2011, admist a national uprising demanding his ouster.

update: A visibly injured President Saleh made a speech from Riyyadh today, 07/07/2011 where he is undergoing treatment for his burns and injuries, to speak to the Yemeni people and encourage them to be patient. He also made mention of the other government officials who are getting treatment alongside him.



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