Is it too much? Not in my eyes alhamdulillah


Asalaamu alaikum sisters. Okay so, I have been asked by sisters, my own mother, and even my daughters doctors… how am I going to be a muslimah, a (wife) and mother to two children, one of whom needs constant medical care and attention alhamdulillah, and be a student (insha’Allah starting September – pre-health sciences) as well? I tell them, alhamdulillah hakatha. I will busy. Bess. Just that. I expect a lot of myself and as long as my priorities are in order, (and I make a lot of duaa) things will work out insha’Allah. If it wasn’t written for me to go back to school, I would not have been accepted to three different schools, the only three I applied to alhamdulillah. If it wasn’t from Allah, my funding and bursaries would not have went through. I have prayed istikarah and this is what has come of it. Alhamdulillah many of my courses are via tele-conference, and a couple are independant study. My son will be in school full days at this point, aside from the weekends when I homeschool him, and my daughter will be attending preschool at the childrens center where she will get her physiotherapy and occupational therapy bi weekly. I can take this time to study at the library insha’Allah. And as for her appointments and surgeries in London, I can take my laptop with me and study in her room everynight. Is it the best situation? I can think of better situations alhamdulillah, but I would not want to be in anyone elses place right now, I am happy just where I am….. next stop med school insha’Allah.



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4 responses to “Is it too much? Not in my eyes alhamdulillah

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum Ya Ukhtee

    Masha Allaah I admire your courage and strength masha Allaah! And may Allaah give you more and more and guide you towards that which is good and make it easy for you. May Allaah cure your daughter and make her the coolness of your eyes. Aameen

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    What kind of funding did you get? My daughter is in Uni and always looking for any financial help she can get as she pays her own tuition from her salary from part-time work. Since OSAP is haram its very hard to get by with just bursaries.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    There is no way to get away from the interest that an OSAP loan incurs. When I was Christian I took out OSAP and I know everything about it. Some people think the first 6 months after graduation are interest free. In fact they are not. You can defer the payment for 6 months but during that time interest is accruing. Even if you cannot make payments they will still charge you interest when you can. You have to read the fine print. Ask your bank for exact details. There are no interest free student loans available unless you can find an islamic institution that will lend you the money.

  4. Alhamdulillah we are able to pay before the year is over inshaAllah so I wont have to worry about those 6 months. It is only a one year course. Pre-Health sciences. It is to get the required courses to enter into the 4 year + programs in Uni. Alhamdulillah I am not going to apply for it though at that point, knowing that and inshaAllah I will be in Yemen for med school, it is a private women’s Uni and will get the loan inshaAllah from an islamic bank there alhamdulillah. JazakAllah khair for the information habibti.

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