spoken word (poetry)

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

I am thinking of volunteering and starting a class for boys and girls at the islamic center to teach Spoken Word. It is a type of dramatic poetry with comparitive phrases that really can get any point across. In the past Alhamdulilllah I have written and published poetry alhamdulillah and am a certified English teacher. Throughout the course we will put on small performances “coffee nights”. I think it will really bring them out of their shell and learn public speaking, it will be in arabic and english. Here is one example, a poet in the United States.

Sarah Kay – For My Daughter



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2 responses to “spoken word (poetry)

  1. Asalamoalikum sis,
    So did you go for it? How was it? Were the kids reluctant to come forward with ideas/ excited to perform? It’d be interesting to hear how they took to it. It certainly sounds like such a fun, smiley thing to do!

    • Walaikum salaam sister,
      I have not had a chance to start it unfortunatly, although I do hope to do so soon inshaAllah. My frist semester is almost over so I will have time to concentrate on this project more alhamdulillah. JazakAllah khair for your interest habibti!

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