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Asalaamu alaikum again sisters
MashaAllah, two posts in one day! Im afraid you will get too excited and expect it more often lol. Im only teasing. Anyway, I was reading this sisters blog, you all need to visit it inshaAllah – especially the interview with her husband about the pros and cons of homebirth. The brother even recommends a documentry – true story wallah! Check it out here..



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  1. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaiki!

    🙂 Baraka’Allaahu’Feekum. Na’am we love the home births over here! Can I subscribe to your blog via e-mail? For some reason I do not see wordpress articles unless via my e-mail.

  2. bint ahmed

    Slmalek to all…I just came across your blog on the net…alhmdla its very interesting….especially to know that you are yemeni(right?)…mashalah….I am from south africa,but I visited Yemen in 2006…ever since,I’ve always wanted to come again,but now with the unrest,it is so difficult. . .I have really been taken aback by the humbleness and softness of the yemeni people…I hope to read more intersting posts on your blog about life in yemen as well as yemeni culture…jzkla khair
    Bint ahmed
    South Africa

    • Sallam alaikum sister,
      My husband is Yemeni and I am Yemeni by marriage lol. I love Yemen too, beautiful country mashaAllah. The humbleness and softness of Yemeni ppl is what makes me want to live there mashaAllah. InshaAllah, the unrest will be over in a few months, inshaAllah by election time. I want to go back but not in the position Yemen is currently in. My in laws are all back home in Yemen so its hard on the family to be split appart. The only place I have been in africa is Egypt. Is south africa beautiful as well? I try to keep the posts on my blog updated but Im a mom of 2 children, and a full time student so if you dont see any new posts for awhile, just keep coming back, I will have some eventually inshaAllah 🙂 Take care habibti

      Umm Muhammad

  3. bint ahmed

    @umm muhammad..slmalaik…alhmdulila gud 2 reciev a reply 4rm u…South Africa is beautiful mashala…we get a lot of tourists over here alhmdulila…we have a beautiful climate too…wen u have time,google south african images…places like Durban, Cape Town,Johannesburg…mashala…also what’s most beautiful is, although our government is non-muslim,we have freedom of religion…we can call out the athaan loudly,wear hijaab or niqab in public,practise islaam openly and call people to islaam without any restrictions mashala…I hope u come to South Africa one day inshala…plz mk dua 4 us over here…I will mk dua 4 all people in your country :-)…ma’asalama ukhti

    • MashaAllah that is great to hear uhkti! Do you wear Niqab? I did when I reverted and in Yemen but my husband is concerned about me wearing it in Canada while at the same time travelling so much to my daughter’s medical appointments and going to school. I will make dua for all people in your country inshaAllah… we should start a dua circle 🙂 lol. I make dua for your country and one other, a sister in that country makes dua for my country and one other aside from hers, and so fourth lol. Actually, I just may post that! Salaam alaikum habibti. InshaAllah I will get to South Africa one day ❤

  4. bint ahmed

    SlmAlekm ukhti..great 2 reciev a comment 4rm u mashala..yeah I do wear niqab…in-fact I wear d full saudi style jilbaab…abaya ra’s as they call it. . .mashala2 hear dat ur a revert…I love reverts alhmdulilAah…wat nationality are u??nd which religion did u previously belong to??what is ur home country??..Wearing the niqab in Canada can be a sacrifice…but presently there is no ban or penalties enforced for doing so,right??…what a great form of dawah u r doing. . .mashala…I make duaa that Allah this effort of yours a means of bringing thousands of people towards the deen…Aamin…hp 2 hear frm u…Allah yarhamak. . .

    • Walaikum salaam uhkti, my background in Ukrainian but I was born in Canada, as was my mother. I used to be Ukrainian Catholic. I believe there are laws against Niqab in Quebec, Canada but not Ontario Canada where I presently live alhamdulillah. I currently wear abaya and shayla alhamdulillah, Yemeni style lol. Y’yaaki habibti, Allah give you and your family the best, ameen. MashaAllah, you wear full Saudi jilbaab… how about your family? Do you have any daughters? If so, what do they wear? Hope to hear from you soon inshaAllah

  5. bint ahmed

    Slmalayk ukhti…always good to hear from you mashala….alhamdulilaa that you reverted….do you visit ukraine??I have heard that the condition of the muslims over there is sad…they don’t know much about the deen and there are very few that are actually practising..hmmm here in South Africa,there are very few that wear saudi abaya…although there are many females in niqab…but there is an increasing number of young girls/teenagers that are beginning to wear saudi jilbaab…no,no one in my family wears saudi abaya…only 1 young cousin…but inshala soon. . .what about on your side??and do you speak arabic???this blog is about home-schooling right??do you home-school your daughter??how old is she??and I see that you also teaching her hidhul quraan??mashala how many juz has she completed thus far??hope you making duaa for me. . .
    السلام عليكم…
    Allah yahdeyak

  6. Salaam alaikum
    MashaAllah I love messaging you sister, you reply so fast 🙂 I have never gone to the ukraine myself but have travelled to Austria, Italy, Germany, Egypt, and Yemen alhamdulillah. My blog was about homeschooling alhamdulillah, I was homeschooling my son. He currently attends Al Hijra Academy (he is almost 6) now though, as with my daughters medical issues, I was not able to find the time to homeschool. I currently homeschool her (she is 2) in sign language and preschool tasks like fine motor and gross motor skills, so I will inshaAllah be writing about that soon. You can read about her on the “fatemah, my daughter” page at the top of the site 🙂 All the duaas and surahs on the side bar of my blog which are crossed off are ones that my son knows alhamduillah (both of which my husband and I taught him and ones he recently learned in school). I speak enough arabic to get by with my in laws alhamdulillah and make my way around Yemen lol. I read the transliteration Quran so I say surahs in Arabic but am reading it phonetically. Do you have children sister? I am making dua for you wallah! ❤

    • bint ahmed

      Slmalekm sistr….plz mk maaf fr d delay…it is vacation time here in south so we a bit busy….alhmdla gud 2hear frm u…wil chat 2 u properly in a day or 2…nope I dnt hv any kids…please continu making dua fr me…slamalekm

  7. bint ahmed

    Slmalek sister…please excuse me for such a great delay in my response to you..its vacation time here in the South,so with all the travelling ect,its been quite hectic…how is Fatema??I just read your article about her,…MashaAlla its amazing…I did post a comment on that page….I am making a lot of duaa for you’ll and hope you’re doing the same…how is the weather over there??hope to hear from you soon inshAllah. . .
    Allah yebarik feek xXxX

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