Community garden

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

I wanted to share about a project Im suppose to coordinate this summer inshaAllah, it is a community garden out front of our Islamic center mashaAllah. I spoke with Remee (she is the program coordinator for the center) and it is not by any means off the ground and running yet, but we hope it will be soon, insha’Allah. Please make dua’a for all the efforts that will go into this project, as I am sure it will benefit many inshaAllah. Jazaisch Allah khair.




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2 responses to “Community garden

  1. May Allaah make it a success! Aameen. I hope and pray your kids are doing well ukhtee. Love to all of you.

  2. biNty

    May Allah swt assist you and make it of maximum benefit…hope you doing well inshala…I stopped visiting your blog for a long while as I didn’t see any new posts..jazaakallah khayr for updating..:)
    Bint Ahmed
    South Africa

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