Fatemah and the ipad…

Salaam alaikum sisters,
The title sounds like a fairy tale story doesn’t it? To explain further, my daughter loves the ipad. She always uses her Baba’s ipad from work and now a brother and close friend of my husband is sending her his ipad to have. This is exciting not only because she loves touch screens and games but because we can now use the ipad for something more.. an aac (augmentive and alternative communication) device. We purchase and download the Speak for Yourself app for $299 and it turns the tablet into a $7000 aac device. Sounds too good to be true? It may just be. Apparently Pentke, the major producer of these aac devices my daughter needs, is now suing the makers of the aac App. Now I am no longer sure if we will be able to get it for her…  I can understand their concern – the cost of the app and a tablet is a whole lot cheaper than their own $7000 device but when patent litigation has the potential to affect the vulnerable, the debate is no longer a laughing matter. It would be so easy for their company to make an app like this, although with  each download, they will be making hundreds compared to thousands… the only issue I have is that when another mother contacted them, they gave a negative response to the question of whether making an app was in the future plans. Shouldn’t my daughter be able to tell me she wants to go to ballet class, or with her father to the mosque, or that the dress her khalah in Yemen made her for Eid with the crystals on it is her favorite? She has so much to say, so much, I know she does, and it hurts me so bad that she cannot express her wants and needs, her likes and dislikes. InshaAllah things go as we hope, and she gets to use this program.

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