Muslim Spelling Bee

Dr.Asma Rizvi just informed me of a wonderful site for the children which includes registration link for the first annual Muslim spelling bee inshAllah. JazakAllah khair sister.  

Registration is now open!



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2 responses to “Muslim Spelling Bee

  1. sameera

    Asalaamu Alaikum sister. I came across your blog when I was looking up information on yemens orphanages. I was wondering if you would be able to provide me information on the orphanage in Sanaa. I have recently returned from yemen, and am inspired provide assistance in anyway i can.

    • Walaikum Salaam sister,

      I was hoping to do the same thing. I was thinking of coming up with a way to raise money over Ramadhan inshaAllah, maybe we can do this together? I dont know too much about the orphanage as I was only in Yemen once, 6 years ago, but my husband may know someone who can help us inshaAllah. Let me know if you are interested. Are you in Canada or America now?? JazakAllah khair.

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