Ramadhan Competition!

readqurAsalaamu alaikum everyone! Are you looking for something positive to keep your children busy this ramadhan inshaAllah? Then this ramadhan competition would be great for your son or daughter inshaAllah.


Not only will it get them reading more Quran inshaAllah, but also get them proactive to raise money for orphans and complete a project, just to name a few of the tasks involved. There are four mini competitions total and everyone will receive prize packages. If your child scores above 80% in the final exam and participates in all four competitions, they will get an additional prize inshaAllah!


jk-sk $50 value gift pack
grades 1-2 $75 value gift pack
grades 3-5 $100 value gift pack
grades 6-8 TABLET PC

Sponsored by ICNA Relief Canada… if you have any problems, email  info@muslimville.com


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