tomorrow is ramadhaan 1 1434 ah (2013), inshaAllah

Asalaamu alaikum rahmahtullahi wa barakatu sisters. InshaAllah tomorrow is the 1 of Ramadhan 2013 (or 1434 ah)… Shaban was counted as having 30 days this year as the moon was not sighted. Therefore, I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a blessed ramadhaan, may all our duaa come true, may all our iman and taqwa increase, and may we all find ourselves closer to Allah subhana wa tala and our beloved Nabi, Muhammad rasoolullah saaw allahu alaiy wa salaam. May those who are suffering from sickness or malnutrition or at the hands of someone else have their suffering ceased. May Allah subhana wa tala open the gates of Jannah and lock the gates of Jahanaam and may He forgive all our past sins on completion of this beautiful month of Qur’an and fasting and reflection, ameen.


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