Has anyone been to the library in Sana’a Yemen?

Did anyone know there was a library in Sana'a Yemen?

(pictured) A young girl checks out reading material at one of Sana’a’s small libraries. Illiteracy remains a huge issue in Yemen with one of the highest rates in the region, according to UNICEF. About 60 percent of women are illiterate and 30 percent of men.



10/12/2013 · 7:58 pm

4 responses to “Has anyone been to the library in Sana’a Yemen?

  1. Ummabdalmalik

    As salaamu Alykum!
    I just came across your blog. Are you in Yemen? Do you know where this library is? I am in Sanaa and have been told there are no libraries here. Oh I’m excited to hear there is one!

    • I am not there at the moment unfortunately but if you are going to be there dor awhile I will ask my sister in law as soon as she comes home from Jordan InshaAllah.

      • Just called my husband at work lol He said you should be able to go to Sanaa University library if it’s for you but for the kids he knows there are libraries he just has to call around and see if anyone knows the names and addresses InshaAllah and if he finds out I will reply here.

    • I found this…

      The National Library of Yemen located in central Sana’a, It is located near the Al-Tahrir Square and the Yemen Military Museum.[1]It has an extensive collection of books in French and in English.

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