When Our Women are Educated… a beautiful story.

Click the photo below for the link to the video…here is the transcription I wrote out.


There is a beautiful story from the history of al Andulous (muslim spain) where the khalifah (caliph) at the time, he wanted to find someone to marry his son. He didn’t want just anyone to marry his son, he wanted the best girl available. So he made a proclamation in the city of Qurtuba, he said ,”If there is a family with a girl that is the age where she is ready for marriage (16-20) and has memorized the whole Quran, put a candle in your window tonight.” They say the entire city was lit up that night…. subhanAllah.

He said, “Khayr, but my son cannot marry all of these women.” So he said the next night, “Any of you who has a daughter who is of the age to marry, who memorized the entire Quran as well as one of the books of Maliki fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) , put a candle in your window tonight.” It was said that again that night – not as much as the night before – but almost the whole town was lit.

(Now I dare to point out that if we asked our own Ummah today for a single girl who is of marriageable age, who has memorized the entire Quran, and a book of Maliki fiqh – khalas, any book of fiqh – we would not find one). This shows the state of the ummah and that when our women are educated, the ummah is strong. For the men to be educated – khalas, men are always going to be educated, they are always going to be needed. You are going to always need an imam.. but the true test for the ummah is when the women are educated.

You see in our world today in some countries, there is not even a space for the women in the masjids let alone educating them. You find those who say khalas she can cook and clean mashaAllah this is all we need, but it is not all we need. No, they must be educated and this is why in al Andulous – it was seen as a high time for the ummah to know about Islam. Im not saying she has to go to University and study liberal arts and accounting… Im talking about Islam. To come to the Islamic Centers and know her religion… we must have this because she is the one who is going to raise a nation. The husband – the father – he is not there to raise the children, she (the mother) is. If she doesn’t know about her religion, what is she going to pass on? This shows how healthy we are and the reality is that our Ummah today is very sick. The women know not so much about Islam and our men are very uneducated so we have to turn this around, inshaAllah.



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03/23/2014 · 1:25 am

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