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math junk boxes

Asalaamu alaikum sisters…

Yes, I know this is a blunt name for them. I will change it once I can come up with a more appropriate name insha’Allah. Anyway, the idea (as seen here) is to fill the boxes with many items but all of the same item, i.e ants, keys, buttons, erasers.  Your son or daughter can take out these boxes on their own, one at a time, and use the items for counting, adding, subtracting and so on. If you wanted you could also write the asmaullah al husnaa on 99 different small items and use those inshaAllah.

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Ibne arif isme Allah t’ala

Asalaamu alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu
Alhamdulillah my son knows four more names of Allah subhana wa t’ala…al salaam, al mumin, al muhaiman, al azzez. We are joining the Ninety-nine names of Allah Challenge (found here). We need to learn the names by the end of ramadhan inshaAllah.

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Asalaamu alaikum
This is a project my son is doing; he planted a bulb in soil in a cup and is growing (I think lima beans?) Here are some photographs of his plant below…if you look down into the edge of the soil in the last photograph, you can see where its growing… it has been about three weeks alhamdulillah. MashaAllah, he waters it every day and makes dua’a…

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asma’ullah ul husnaa

Masha’Allah my son now understands that Allah subhana wa t’ala has 99 names and knows four of those names… ar-Raman, ar-Raheem, al-Malik and ul-Qudoose. IshaAllah the next ones he will memorize are as-Salaam, ul-Mumin, ul-Muhaimin and ul-Azeez…

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