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homeschooling resources

Asalaamu alaikum

My husband is designing a new website for the islamic publishing company he works for and he said he can include a seperate area on or offsite where we can upload homeschooling materials and resources for free use. It would be organized by subject with download links. The only problem is getting all the  materials together so if you have any materials that would be beneficial, please email them to me at this following address:

In the subject line, please state the name of the resource, the course and grade.

ex: asma’ullah al husnaa, islamic studies, grade 4      (or)
patterning with manipulatives, mathematics, grade 1     (or)
bag with shapes, montessori, grade k     (or)
history of the arab empire w/exam, history, grade 11

I am going to try and see if he can make it so that anyone can upload their own materials as they make them or find them so that there is more involvement and so it is more accessible inshaAllah.

We are accepting any and all resources and grades and subjects. Even if they are posted elsewhere, please send them us as well so that we have as many resources together in one space as possible, bi’thnAllah. Jazakallah khair.


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math junk boxes

Asalaamu alaikum sisters…

Yes, I know this is a blunt name for them. I will change it once I can come up with a more appropriate name insha’Allah. Anyway, the idea (as seen here) is to fill the boxes with many items but all of the same item, i.e ants, keys, buttons, erasers.  Your son or daughter can take out these boxes on their own, one at a time, and use the items for counting, adding, subtracting and so on. If you wanted you could also write the asmaullah al husnaa on 99 different small items and use those inshaAllah.

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rain rain go…. somewhere else subhanAllah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
alhamdulillah for everything. This eid my daughter is in hospital again so my son has been spending a thoughtful minute, or in todays case, three hours, napping in the pull out bed in her hospital room. I think inshaAllah we will be waiting until next week to celebrate. In the meantime, while sitting and watching them sleep, I was able to get a number chart made for my sons mathematics alhamdulillah. We also went through asma’ullah al husnaa. When we actually do something more that would be beneficial to post inshaAllah, I will post. Fi aman Allah. Oh and it was raining today alhamdulillah…

update: alhamdulillah she is home after four days, jazak Allah khair for your dua’a.

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asma’ullah ul husnaa

Masha’Allah my son now understands that Allah subhana wa t’ala has 99 names and knows four of those names… ar-Raman, ar-Raheem, al-Malik and ul-Qudoose. IshaAllah the next ones he will memorize are as-Salaam, ul-Mumin, ul-Muhaimin and ul-Azeez…

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