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MashaAllah the things we dont know about our children…

My son came home from Islamic day camp today and aside from his normal Quran and Islamic studies classes, he told me he also had cooking class, where he made Yemeni samosas! MashAllah, I underestimate him sometimes I think, but he always does what he sets his mind too. Looks like I am going to have a helper for iftar this year inshaAllah…

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A Yemeniyah’s Recipes

Asalammu alaikum sisters.
I just came upon this wonderful blog by another Yemeni sister and she posts so many recipes, Yemeni food and otherwise. Please go look for yourself… you may just be inspired 😉


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chocolate crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles 

12 T cocoa
4 T oil
Mix the cocoa and oil together until they form a ball.

1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2  teaspoon salt
1 cup powdered sugar

Mix oil, chocolate , and sugar.
Blend in eggs.
Add vanilla.

Add dry ingredients in a separate bowl and mix.
Add the dry mixture to the oil mix.
Chill several hours or overnight.

Heat oven to 350 degrees.
Drop by spoonfuls onto powdered sugar, roll to cover with sugar.
Shape into balls.
Place 2″ apart onto greased cookie sheet.
Bake 10-12 minutes or until almost no imprint remains when touched in the center

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life skills:cooking

InshaAllah I am going to make this recipe with my son that I found on the Sister’s site from Handmade Beginnings. It is for coconut macroons, and looks easy and delicious mashaallah. Her daughter A made them for her Baba for iftar I believe (wa jazakAllah khair A!). (If you click on the link to her page, please scroll down, its near the lower half of the page).

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cool & crisp…its autumn mashaAllah

Asalamu alaikum sisters,
I woke up this morning to cool, crisp air outside and for the first time in months, my son and daughter needed coats to go on a walk… it was beautiful out mashaAllah! Autumn is my favourite time of year because, aside from ramadhan and eid, its apple picking time at the orchards (in Europe, UK, Canada and America anyway, not sure about the middle east!)

For Eid, aside from the prayer, I think we are going to take the kids apple picking inshaAllah… it will be my daughter’s first time, as she was in hossie last year when we took her brother. MashaAllah, he loves the horses and hayrides, and apple picking, and hot apple cider… I remember going there as a little girl, there was this rope we would use to jump from the loft in the barn and then let go and fall into the hay piles…. oh and of course we would collect maple syrup from the maple trees! Sigh….I love autumn. Here are some ideas for an autumn curriculum for your own children inshaAllah

1.) Bake an apple pie.

2.) Organize an apple tasting and explain about different textures, smells, tastes and colours. Explain that Allah made them for us to eat and be healthy mashaAllah (I will expand on this to make it more relevent inshaAllah).

3.) Apple Bobbing

4.) Dipping caramel apples

5.) Make Baked apple porcupines – recipe to follow inshaAllah
Stick clove “quills” in apples before baking for a simple and delicious treat. Just make sure to remove before eating!

6.) Go to the park with hot apple cider and a blanket (you could bring this with you in a canteen inshaAllah)

7.) If you find apples with leaves, you can do apple leaf rubs with a pencil or crayon

YAY I AM TOO EXCITED MASHAALLAH! Worse than the kids… aybe! lol

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Halal jello cake (quick)

I got this from another wordpress site (here) but this is the halal version…

1-  box of white cake mix
1 – 12 oz can of diet 7-Up
2 – pkgs of Cherry Halal jell-o .30 oz (just use 3/4 of the liquid though, use the rest for something else)
1 – tub of lite or fat free whipped cream

Ok, for those of you who haven’t heard of soda cakes, this is the different part.

Pour the contents of your cake mix into the bowl & 12 oz of soda, no eggs, no oil. Just the soda. Don’t worry, it will cook & rise normally.

I have used other white sodas but prefer the flavor of 7Up for this recipe.

Mix well until blended. Poor batter into your baking dish, saving just a little at the bottom of the bowl for you to ‘clean up’ later <wink wink, nudge nudge>. Place your cake in the oven and while its cooking, go lick, I mean, clean the bowl.

Refer to the back of your cake box for baking times.

When cake is done, let cool for a few hours.
Use the handle of a wooden spoon or something of similar size (I used this fork) to poke holes in the cake. I poke about 3 – 4 holes across, in rows aprox 1 to 2 inches apart.
Prepare sugar free Jell-o as instructed on packet and then pour over cake making sure to douse generously. In preparing two .30 oz pkgs of jello, I usually leave about 2 or 3 cups out of the cake to pour in cups and snack on later.

Get out your lite or fat free cool whip and schmear it on top of your cake.

You can even decorate it on top with fruit, get all fancy & stuff.
Refrigerate and serve to your children or save for iftar inshaAllah… bismillah!

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I did it! (though only partly)..

Asalaamu alaikum
I just finished making and freezing cream cheese sambosas for iftars. I made, I think 70… although my son ate about 11 mashaAllah so final count is kind of rough. And yes, the first batch is plain because i was too tired to remember the rest of the ingredients alhamdulillah. Next Im going to make veggie ones inshaAllah. Or maybe lamb ones, those are always good mashaAllah…. the recipe for the cream cheese ones are easy, here are the ingredients…

cream cheese  (kiri or philidelphia)
mozzarella cheese (optional)
feta cheese (optional)
2tbsp milk (did not use it though, cheese was creamy enough)
fresh chopped parsley
chopped onions
chopped garlic (I would normally use 3 but my husband doesnt like it, so I used one alhamdulillah).

Mix all ingredients together. Fill wrappers and brush edges of wrappers with a water/flour paste (three tbsp of each should suffice for all the wrappers insha’Allah). Fold into triangle, place in ziplock bag or container and freeze until needed.

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ramadhan tomorrow insha’Allah?

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
I think tomorrow insha’Allah is ramadhan… I still need to make ka’ak (yemeni cookies – think mamoul without the dates), and make sambosa to freeze inshaAllah, and cook extra dinners for the freezer insha’allah. I know I told everyone to be prepared and here I am, maybe the last to get ready mashaAllah. Alhamdulillah my husband went shopping yesterday, although it was without me or my ramadhan list, so there are a handful of ingredients i dont have yet alhamdulillah. I think I will take the kids this morning and go inshaAllah.

I am going to take my son outside for the moonsighting tonight inshaAllah. We did this last year but he hardly remembers so we are going to make it a big thing tonight inshaAllah. I want him to be as involved in ramadhan as possible this year inshaAllah.  Will post pictures inshaAllah….

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Gulf Cooking

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
The Nestle Website (which you can find the link for here in english and here in arabic) has a collection of simple recipes under the tab “our kitchen”. If you click “show options” you can choose to search for recipes by:

type: starters, main courses, desserts
category: poultry, veggie, seafood, red meat, arabic desserts, pies, cakes, other desserts
or cuisine: in alphabetical order, american, arabian gulf, arabic,… kuwati..omani..saudi…yemeni…etc

It will even tell you the cost to make it (, moderate, expensive) but the recipes Ive used have always been cheap… maybe because I use mainly yemeni recipes though… I have tried a couple saudi ones and they were cheap as well and these recipes usually feed between 5-8 people. (It will tell you on the recipe too alhamdulillah).

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fundraising inshaAllah… calling all your daughters to get involved!

So I am still coming up with ways to fund raise for our on-going project for our sisters in Yemen insha’Allah. Does anyone have any middle eastern recipes for sweets? I found a recipe for Fatima’s Fingers (which are like ricotta filled crepes), Chocolate covered dates, and baklawa and Zalabiya (yemeni fried sweet rings) . I am looking for simple recipes inshaAllah that could preferably be frozen but if not, thats fine too. Insha’Allah I will use these recipes in a bake sale during Jummah in the upcoming weeks. So ask your daughters (or sons) what their favourite recipes are and email them to me inshaAllah or comment with a link to them below ok? Let your daughters know that they will be helping with this and inshaAllah for every item we sell from their recipe, they will get ajer bithin’Allah! Jazak Allah khair sisters!


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