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She reached seven alhamdulillah…..!

Asalaamu alaikum,

So my dd’s therapists were working with her in occupational therapy to stack six cubes in a tower form and she constantly could not get past five alhamdulillah… well we have been working on it at home and alhamdulillah, she stacked seven at therapy today mashaAllah!




She also is cutting better with these scissors alhamdulillah…. they “bouce back” open so its easier on her hand muscles…. (she uses the smaller pair)


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Free Islamic Studies Textbooks

Asalaamu alaikum, I knew that would garner your attention, hehehe….. anyway I found this link I wanted to share for free downloadable islamic studies books for ages 7-11. These are pdf files which can be printed out at home for your homeschooling use. Here is the only issue – I would ask that you go through it and make sure everything is okay in the book as I haven’t had a chance to do so myself, I only looked through the first few pages, jazakAllah khair.

Please click the link below to go to the host page

Islamic Studies Textbooks

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Asalaamu alaikum
So alhamdulillah, we went for the Eid celebration today at the mosque alhamdulillah. It was wonderful, so much for the kids to do. We were there from eleven to four mashaAllah.

On a homeschooling note, we started the Rosetta Stone program through Alif Arabic online. It is nice, although sometimes it will not accept your voice if you dont sound exactly like the announcer so I found that if I yell into the mic, they accept it inshaAllah, and then we move on lol.

Also, I think I am going to add Shakhsiyah Islamiyah more often in our curriculum. Its something we work on without really noticing every day such as when he practices akhlaaq and adaab but I want him to know it is important inshaAllah and befitting for all muslims to have good Shakhsiyah Islamiyah.

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another sister homeshooling mashaAllah…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

I just wanted to give a shout out to another sister and dear friend of mine, Mariam Umm Muhammad. She is currently homeschooling her daughter mashaAllah while keeping an eye on her two younger sons! She is a wonderful sister and mother so I would like to be the first to welcome her to our online homeschooling community and offer any help I can give… I know it is hard sometimes habibti, but jazakAllah khair for all you do, may Allah subhana wa t’ala reward you in the akhirah and may He make it easier for you and your family every day inshaAllah.

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full year weekend islamic curriculum year 1-12

Asalaamu alaikum rhamatullah wa barakatu

I found this at You can order their books from the curriculum or just follow the curriculum and make your own resources inshaAllah… click here. If my son were not going to a Sunday program already, I would use this one inshaAllah. I will continue to post my own son’s curriculum monthly inshaAllah…

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Ad-Duha’s new feature

Home school Questions & Answers click here

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Allah made autumn

Bismilillah ar raman ar raheem,

This curriculum study unit explains inshaAllah how everything is created from Allah subhana wa t’ala. The children will also learn about apples, the seasonal fruit of autumn and do many crafts which I will either link to inshaAllah or post here. I hope you enjoy them. Go at your own pace, do not worry about keeping up with us, as I will be posting as I find the resources, rather than once we complete them ourselves inshaAllah. More to come so stay tuned inshaAllah…

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