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Taraweeh prayer for Women…

Asalaam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu. I will start of by saying that women in islam are very well respected for their jobs not only outside the home, but for all the work we do taking care of our families – our sons, daughters, husbands, mothers, fathers and in-laws alhamdulillah.  Although we want to do more during ramadhan, we sometimes cannot make it out of the house for taraweeh prayers. What do we do then? We pray at home insha’Allah.

Taraweeh prayer is a confirmed sunnah with twenty rakahs. It is prayed in sets of two rakahs. Any Quranic recitation you know by heart can be recited during taraweeh insha’Allah. After every four rakah, you should rest and make dhikr.
There are seven aspects of dhikr…

dhikr of the eyes, which consists in weeping (buka’);
dhikr of the ears, which consists in listening (isgha’);
dhikr of the tongue, which consists in praise (thana’);
dhikr of the hands, which consists in giving (`ata’);
dhikr of the body, which consists in loyalty (wafa’);
dhikr of the heart, which consists in fear and hope (kawf wa raja’);
dhikr of the spirit, which consists of utter submission and acceptance (taslim wa rida’).

You make dhikr by uttering the names of Allah subhan wa t’ala, making dua’a, and seeking forgiveness from Him – although there are many you can say, here are a couple to get you started insha’Allah…

– ” Subhan Allah wa bi hamdihi.” [Glorified is Allah with all praise to Him.]
– “La illaha illallah.” [There is no God but Allah.]
– “Astughfirullah.” [I seek forgiveness from Allah.]

subhan allah: Glory to Allah

wa al-hamdu lillah: and Praise to Allah

wa la ilaha illallah: and there is no god but Allah

wallahu akbar: and Allah is greatest.

Insha’Allah I hope this is beneficial to you all and Allah reward you for all your intentions this coming ramadhan, ameen.

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