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the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

InshaAllah this post finds you on your way through a beautiful ramadhaan and on the way to a wonderful laylat ul kadr, ameen.

I was with my family today and while dh was getting groceries in the yemeni market, I met a really nice niqabi sister who, with her enthusiasm over seeing dd, made me totally forget about how tired I was from fasting alhamdulillah. I could tell she had the most glowing smile and personality under her niqab mashaAllah and she made me laugh more than once, as she explained that she wanted to hold dd but couldnt, due to her having a cold and how her niece jumped over the center seat of the car because she didnt want to get sick before laylatul kadr inshaAllah lol. (you had to be there, the way she said it with such drama in her voice, it was funny, trust me).

Now the only problem is that I forgot to get her name and number so please make dua for me that I meet her again inshaAllah, because this dear sister, she really warmed my heart. Maybe with your dua she will google search “the niqabi sister from the yemeni market in michigan” and she will find my blog!

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an update on my daughter

My daughter alhamdulillah is doing well. She doesnt need to see the neurologist for another year and she has been using a walker which they will order for her soon inshaAllah (rifton pacer gait trainer). She can anticipate when someone will throw something to her for her to catch, she will just not give it back mashaAllah! Soon she will get her trach out inshaAllah, and then we will work on speech more than anything. She is also latching on to a cup to drink from and taking formula by mouth alhamdulillah. All in all she is doing so well alhamdulillah. Soon we will start homeschooling. JazakAllah khair for your continued duas for her… here is a photo of her rifton gait trainer:


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Right to Life Institute for Cerebral Palsy in Yemen

Asalaamu aalikum sisters
Here is a wonderful center for children with cerebral palsy in Yemen mashaAllah. Allah give the sisters in the center who help these children reward, ameen.

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Hosni Mubarak resigns as president…

Today is a mark in history, by the mercy of Allah, Hosni Mubarak has resigned as President of Egypt after thirty long years of dictatorship. Alhamdulillah. It has been 17 long days of demonstrations and to those who havent given up, Mabrook, your hard work and duas have been answered.

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alhamdulillah for anything and everything

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

I am going to continue to post here as often as I can, it may come to be multiple posts on a weekly basis though for awhile because I am anticipating having more appointments for my daughter. I know I do not speak about her much because I concentrate this wordpress on my sons curriculum and social issues, this post is about her though.

I had taken my daughter for her hearing appointment at the hospital today and alhamdulillah, she cannot hear much from either ear now. She failed both hearing tests mashallah. In perspective, a normal conversation between two people, standing in front of each other, comes in a volume of forty to forty-five decibles, alhamdulillah my daughter cannot hear anything below fifty.

InshaAllah I need to make another appointment for her speech and language therapist (she was being followed even before this because she has a tracheostomy alhamdulillah). We were working on signing. She will also in the near future need to see her ENT about surgery. InshaAllah please keep her in your duaa. JazakAllah khayr.


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another sister homeshooling mashaAllah…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

I just wanted to give a shout out to another sister and dear friend of mine, Mariam Umm Muhammad. She is currently homeschooling her daughter mashaAllah while keeping an eye on her two younger sons! She is a wonderful sister and mother so I would like to be the first to welcome her to our online homeschooling community and offer any help I can give… I know it is hard sometimes habibti, but jazakAllah khair for all you do, may Allah subhana wa t’ala reward you in the akhirah and may He make it easier for you and your family every day inshaAllah.

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The way your dua’a is answered bithin’Allah

A common perception and thought that generally passes a muslim mind – why are our dua’s so ineffective? Is there a deficiency in the manner that we ask? Why is it that certain people who live very carefree lives, openly violate the Shariah, and propagate unislamic values seem to live very comfortably? They seem to be blessed with everything they ask for and have no real cry or pressing need. On the other hand, there are some who are particular with their Deen, regular with their salah, and conduct themselves in a righteous manner, yet they seem to be plagued with worries and difficulties. This situation seems to be very perplexing to many and it is appropriate that we examine the true nature and purpose of dua’a and the various benefits that Allah has placed in this great ibadah (act of virtue).

Firstly, the apparent acceptance of a person’s dua is by no means any proof that this person is accepted or beloved by Allah. Similarly, the apparent non-acceptance of a person’s dua is no indication of a person’s rejection or non-acceptance by Allah. Instead, the matter can very much be the opposite, whereby at times a person who is truly beloved and accepted in the eyes of Allah seems to have his duas apparently rejected all the time. On the other hand, a person who maybe despised in the sight of Allah finds his duas being promptly and regularly accepted.

Sheikh Tajuddeen Ibn Ata Iskandari (rahimahullah) has recorded a hadith in his book; the effective meaning of which is, a certain person lifts his hand in dua, Allah instructs the angels to fulfil his need immediately, because I dislike him raising his hand in dua. Another person raises his hand in dua, Allah instructs the angels to procrastinate in fulfilling his need, because him raising his hands before me is beloved to me and I look forward to his pleading and requests.

Secondly, for a person to be given the ability to make dua is a great blessing in itself. A person who raises his hand in dua before Allah Ta’ala should never be concerned whether the dua will be accepted or not. A person should have complete conviction that whatever dua is made will definitely be accepted in the court of Allah. It is mentioned in a Hadith recorded by Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Ibn Majah and Mustadrak Haakim that, Allah is extremely kind, One who gives without asking, Allah is extremely modest and shy, when His servants spread their hands before Him, He feels shy to refuse or reject their requests.

Thirdly, it is a failure and deficiency on our path that, if we receive exactly that which we ask Allah for, then we consider our dua to be accepted. If we do not acquire exactly what we ask for, then we consider our dua unaccepted. In reality, there are various ways in which a dua can be considered accepted. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, when a servant makes dua to Allah, then through the barkat and blessing of this dua Allah Ta’ala certainly grants him one of three things, either that he gets exactly what he requested for,or his dua is reserved for a bounty and reward which will manifest in the hereafter, or a calamity is removed from his path.

Either way, we find that a person’s dua is certainly heard and answered; however the outward appearance of its acceptance may differ. It is therefore our bounding duty to continue begging from Allah for our needs with firm conviction that Allah will favour a person with his mercy. To become despondent and neglectful over dua not being accepted is indicative of our naivety and short-sightedness.

It has been recorded in yet another hadith, that a person should not become hasty and wrestless regarding acceptance of his dua. It was asked that what be meant by hastiness? The reply was, a person believes that after making fervent dua, there is no response; therefore I might as well leave out making dua. In this way he stops asking from Allah.

(Extracted from the writings of Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Ludhianwi rahimahullah)

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Asalaamu alaikum rahmutullah wa barakatu,

Due to the number of hospital visits my daughter has this month in London mashaAllah, I am going to be taking some time off from posting, though if I do something interesting with my son I will try and write about it insha’allah. Other than that, I will write more at the end of the  month insha’Allah. Please  keep my family in your dua’as…

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Taraweeh prayer for Women…

Asalaam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu. I will start of by saying that women in islam are very well respected for their jobs not only outside the home, but for all the work we do taking care of our families – our sons, daughters, husbands, mothers, fathers and in-laws alhamdulillah.  Although we want to do more during ramadhan, we sometimes cannot make it out of the house for taraweeh prayers. What do we do then? We pray at home insha’Allah.

Taraweeh prayer is a confirmed sunnah with twenty rakahs. It is prayed in sets of two rakahs. Any Quranic recitation you know by heart can be recited during taraweeh insha’Allah. After every four rakah, you should rest and make dhikr.
There are seven aspects of dhikr…

dhikr of the eyes, which consists in weeping (buka’);
dhikr of the ears, which consists in listening (isgha’);
dhikr of the tongue, which consists in praise (thana’);
dhikr of the hands, which consists in giving (`ata’);
dhikr of the body, which consists in loyalty (wafa’);
dhikr of the heart, which consists in fear and hope (kawf wa raja’);
dhikr of the spirit, which consists of utter submission and acceptance (taslim wa rida’).

You make dhikr by uttering the names of Allah subhan wa t’ala, making dua’a, and seeking forgiveness from Him – although there are many you can say, here are a couple to get you started insha’Allah…

– ” Subhan Allah wa bi hamdihi.” [Glorified is Allah with all praise to Him.]
– “La illaha illallah.” [There is no God but Allah.]
– “Astughfirullah.” [I seek forgiveness from Allah.]

subhan allah: Glory to Allah

wa al-hamdu lillah: and Praise to Allah

wa la ilaha illallah: and there is no god but Allah

wallahu akbar: and Allah is greatest.

Insha’Allah I hope this is beneficial to you all and Allah reward you for all your intentions this coming ramadhan, ameen.

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Malnourished in Yemen…

salaam alaikum ramahtullah wa barakatu (Al Jazeera report is here)


Quick points: Women of Yemen have the lowest birth weight newborns in the world
1 in 3 people in Yemen are malnourished, living in poverty
Poverty increased 25% since 2006 alone.
It is going through triple F crisis-rising food prices,falling feul revenues & the countrys financial crisis

We need to help our sisters and brothers in Yemen insha’Allah… is it not haram to sit back and watch your sister not able to feed her daughters and sons while we sit and not give a second passing thought to all we have? If you have nothing to give, not even half a date, you will get reward for your intention and dua’a…

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