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92 most frequently used words in Qu’ran and their Meanings

92 Most Frquently Used Words in the Quran and their Meaning InshaAllah

Incha’Allah you find this beneficial. Allah subhana wa t’ala reward those who helped to compile the list. Click above for the download…

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writing for english

Asalaamu alaikum,

Tonight ds and I worked on english after working on arabic the past week alhamdulillah. I had him write out words on lined paper and then quized him on the spelling. I am going to work on his Quran soorahs maybe tomorrow, since he missed Iqraa school last sunday due to us being away for my daughters appointments. In other news, he did receive his white belt, orange stripe on Monday mashaAllah. He is doingvery well alhamdulillah.

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another good website

salaam alaikum
Here is a good website for learning abc’s that you can throw on while making dinner to keep the kids in one spot and entertained for a few minutes inshaAllah! They choose a letter which is accompanied by sounds and it spells a word and turns into that animal…you have to use your imagination though because the jaguar looks like a cat and they use a salmon (fish) for the letter s, otherwise its a nice site

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went to the library and what did we find?

Asalaamu alaikum,

The answer to the above question is… books of course. What else did you think we would find in a library? hmm…
Anyway, we went to the library yesterday with another family and although we didn’t take out too many books, we got four free passes  to the nature center and the kids went on the computer for phonics games so all in all, it was eventful enough I suppose, alhamdulillah. Afterwards, we went to park and out for dinner.


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More Montessori materials for you…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

Here are some great Montessori resources I found on Montessori for Learning. They have a fee of $4.99 but then you can download any resources you want for the rest of the year and they even have these free resources to get you started mashaAllah… here you go.

DolchPrePrimerChecklist DolchFlashCardsPrePrimer.Large
DolchrChecklistsPrimer DolchFlashCardsPrimer.Large
DolchrChecklists2ndGrade DolchFlashCards2ndGrade.Large



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Gulf Cooking

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
The Nestle Website (which you can find the link for here in english and here in arabic) has a collection of simple recipes under the tab “our kitchen”. If you click “show options” you can choose to search for recipes by:

type: starters, main courses, desserts
category: poultry, veggie, seafood, red meat, arabic desserts, pies, cakes, other desserts
or cuisine: in alphabetical order, american, arabian gulf, arabic,… kuwati..omani..saudi…yemeni…etc

It will even tell you the cost to make it (, moderate, expensive) but the recipes Ive used have always been cheap… maybe because I use mainly yemeni recipes though… I have tried a couple saudi ones and they were cheap as well and these recipes usually feed between 5-8 people. (It will tell you on the recipe too alhamdulillah).

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Asalaamu alaikum,

So my husband just came back from travelling for work alhamdulillah, he was gone for three weeks. This is what he bought back for me masha’Allah…

Specifications & Features:

– Six of most famous reciters (Menshawi, Tablawi, Lahoni, Sudais, Ghamidi, Huthaify).

– Lets you memorize easily.

– Rules of Tajweed (Arabic & English).

– Recording your voice in order to correct your recitation.

– Qur’an Words explanations on the margin.

– Qur’an topics index.

– Color Surahs names index.

– Approximately 6 Hours of continuous play.

If you are interested in seeing more information, you can find it here….

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