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your son/daughter praying fajr inshaAllah

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
I just read a wonderful article on getting your kids to wake up for fajr alhamdulillah. I will outline the main points inshaAllah…

1. Have them get to sleep early with a schedule and stick to it. Having their parents as a role model helps, so go to bed as early as possible yourself inshaAllah.
2.  Try to avoid sweets and if you do give them sweets, limit them to between dhuhr and maghrib inshaAllah.
3. Give them a gift of an alarm clock with an athan. If you do not have an islamic shop near you, you can find them on your next trip, online, or if you have in laws in foreign countries, have them send you a couple inshaAllah.
4. Give your son/daughter the responsiblility to wake everyone up and make athaan and set out the sajada inshaAllah.
5. Make them aware that fajr comes with a privilage. If they dont pray fajr, they dont go out in the evening.
6. Although this may sound like a good idea, do not ‘reward’ them for fajr, because they may quit waking up once they tire of the reward.
7. For your children who are of age to pray, make sure they have friends who pray. You can start by widening your circle of friends to those whos own sons and daughters are practicing inshaAllah.
8. Allow your son or daughter to participate in islamic camps, as prayer is mandatory there and inforced and helps them get into the habit of waking up.
9. Establish a fajr wakeup calling system for your sons and daughters. You wake them up, they call their friends who then call their other friends until everyone is awake for fajr inshaAllah. Let them meet in the mosque if possible to pray or even take turns at each others homes for Jamaah prayer.

(…a big thankyou goes out to Br.Abdallah Idris Ali from ISNA, for writing this informative paper).

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