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zamzam water

Asalaamu alaikum sisters
So I went out and bought zamzam water for my son so he throughly understands inshaAllah about the story behind it. The zamzam well was revealed to Hajar (ra), the wife of Ibrahim (as) and mother of Ismail. Ibrahim (as) was commanded by Allah swt to leave them in the dessert, with only one skien of water, as a test. After a while, Hajar finished the water was desperately seeking more for her infant son, but could find none. Hajar ran seven times back and forth in the scorching heat between the two hills of safa and marwah, looking for water. *Upset and getting thirstier by the second, Ibrahim scraped his foot against the  ground. Allah saw how desperate Hajar was so he sent angel jibreel down to make water come up out of the ground under her son’s feet and it turned into a well and since has never stopped flowing. Zamzam means exactly that, nonstop, and alhamdulillah, it has been running for thousands of years up to now.

*note: the version of this I had heard was that Allah saw how determined Hajar was and He sent the angel Jibreel to hit the rock and the water started flowing for Hajar, as sr.muneera mentioned in the comments below, although I was not able to find this online, though it is close. Another version also mentions that once Hajar was able to drink from the water, her breastmilk increased so she was able to feed Isma’il mashaAllah.


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tawaaf around the Kaa’ba

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, my son and I made a larger kaa’ba and small scale one as well. He made his tawaaf around the kaa’ba seven times saying, “Labbaik Allah humma labbaik, Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik, Innal hamda, Wan-ni’mata, Laka walmulk, Laa sharika lak”. Oh and my dh’s gift for when he gets back from hajj bithin’Allah…

We then made a video of him (which I will not be posting though)  of him singing and doing the actions to the nasheed “We will all go to Mecca on the Hajj”. You can find it here inshaAllah. Here is the small scale kaa’ba below in the photo. I glued a couple layers of cardboard behind every second hajji to give it a nice effect mashaAllah. It looks nicer in life, the picture doesnt do much for it alhamdulillah.

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overnight in “Mina”

Asalaamu alaikum rhamutallah wa barakatu,
InshaAllah homeschooling is going well for all of you… tonight we continued with our hajj curriculum which included my son reading Quran and making duaa and sleeping in his “tent in Mina” alhamdulillah. It was nice and he is having an easier time understanding what his father is doing alhamdulillah. Of course I explained Mina, we will continue on with that tomorrow inshaAllah. He asked me if we could have the tent outside but I had to explain to him that it is soo cold subhanAllah and inshaAllah, we have to do our best not to get sick (though it is all in Allahs hands). SubhanAllah it has been unbearably cool lately. I hope it warms up, though I do not think it will. Anyway, on to the photographs…

Oh, and we also make a hajj mobile, with the kaaba as the main part, a stick star hanging from it and then photos of the rights of hajj hanging from the sticks mashaAllah.

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Out of order but here it is…

Salaam alaikum sisters
Today  I taught  my son about hajj, but namely about ramy, the throwing of the stones at the shaytan (jamarats). He wanted to do it as well so we acted it out as if he was on hajj with his father, so here it is.

For the stones, they are the clear ones you can put in a vase… I use them for transfer and counting mathematic activities alhamdulillah. The “jamarats” are recycled cardboard boxes with white paper glued to them (I was going to print out paper with a stone design but I had no ink left). I made a road of stones for him going from the top of the stairs to the jamarat in his schoolroom. He had fun and kept yelling Allahu Akbar and throwing the stones for another 45 minutes mashaAllah. I narrated him the story as to why we stone the jamarat and about the hajj as a whole. His “ihraam” is the sheet off my bed. I had to wrap it for times mashaAllah. lol. InshaAllah we will have more this week for you.

p.s.. I know in ihraam, you are not sppose to cover your head, that was only for the pictures, he was uncovered post-picture.

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near the gate, near the kaaba… its all the same right?

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
My husband just phoned me and informed me he prayed at the Prophet’s Mosque… although because of the amount of people, it was near the gates the mosque but who is keeping track right? lol  Once they got off the plane they had to drive 12 km… it took like six hours of travelling subhanAllah. His mother is tired mashaAllah so she is resting in the hotel. He told me, that he wishes I was there… he said it is far better than anyone could explain to you, he was breathless subhanAllah. Hearing him and that he prayed there made me want to cry, I was so happy for him alhamdulillah. And yes, I wish I was there, though alhamdulillah, I am home with our children. I feel like Allah has kept me here for a reason, and we all know our life is written, really though, if I wasnt here, my son would not learn about hajj himself alhamdulillah. InshaAllah we are going to be doing a lot of activities this week.

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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

Virtual Hajj

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Abi is Going to Hajj, Insha’Allah!

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
Here is a book I made for my son so he understands what his father is doing when he goes to hajj insha’Allah. If you can use it, go ahead, and feel free. I tried my best, alhamdulillah. Allah forgive me for any mistakes I may have made, if something needs correcting, please let me know, jazakAllah khairun.

Abi is Going to hajj insha’Allah


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Hajj Curriculum

Asalaamu aalikum sisters,
InshaAllah starting shortly I am going to be starting my sons hajj unit inshaAllah. My dh is going to be making hajj this year, so it is a wonderful time to instill the importance of it into my son. From hajj and eid al adha crafts to making a video of a “hajj” trip in full “ihram” (and, yes,  getting his head shaved), my ds will be busy inshaAllah, so stay posted for all to come.

some things to come: fasting first ten days of thul-hijjah (maybe he will try one day, I will fast the rest inshaAllah)
importance of tahleel and takbeer, tahmeed and dhikr
making  hajj “trip” pamphlets
learning rights of hajj
making a paper maiche sheep
doing more nafl deeds inshaAllah includ: charity, salaah, sawm, memorizing more Qu’ran
learning about Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his life
and more inshaAllah…..!

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