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summer is approaching…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, with summer fast approaching, what are you going to do in regards to schooling your daughters and sons? Will you take the full summer off and go visit family back home, or have them work through june and july? Any thoughts?


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they are growing alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah our plants are growing well, here is a photo of them. We keep placing them in the sun during the day, bringing them in at night and watering them. Our outdoor garden has not yet sprouted but here are the pictures.


update: here are the bean plants from ds’s inside pots as of May 1, 2011


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alhamdulillah, for sprouts

salaam alaikum
Honestly, I didnt expect the beans to sprout too quickly, and the ones in the soil have not as of yesterday, but the ones we placed in the paper towel/bag have alhamdulillah! So we spoke about the different environments each are in, the bounty and the will of Allah subhana wa t’ala, and we cracked a couple open to see how they were sprouting. It is a blessing subhanAllah that plants can grow without soil. Here is a photo…

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biodegradable botany, and seeds insha’allah

Salaam alaikum sisters
I bought these biodegradable pots and soil, and beans/seeds and ds and I plated them this afternoon. In the morning I will take them outside inshaAllah and bring them in at night. He did most of the work himself alhamdulillah, pouring in the soil with a spoon, planting the seed, more soil on top, and then he watered them. There are sticks in three of them, those are black eyed beans and the others are adouki beans i think they are called. Apparently, what I didnt know before, is that lima beans are suppose to grow faster but, alhamdulillah, we will have to be patient. Although we did so many pots, I still had ds place a bunch of black eyes in a wet paper towel inside a clear zip bag just so we can watch the roots grow inshaAllah and make comparisons and contrasts; i.e how a seed grows within soil and without, the root systems, etc. I am also going to get him to journal about botany insha’Allah. I will make another post with links to those pages click here, enjoy!


The Islamic poem I editted to go with the class: The Little Plant and Al-Khaliq

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a community (mess), or a garden

Salam alaikum,
So at our newest Islamic center, although they have a greenhouse in the back, we cannot use it. Apparently, it is a really dangerous place to be that has yet to be cleaned up mashaAllah. Shattered glass and mangled metal and overgrown weeds (alhamdulillah this all took place before our community bought the building). Anyway, after talking to the sister in the office of the center, it has been decided that ds and I will have our own garden out front alhamdulillah! This will be a great chance to teach muhammad the importance of being ‘green’, the creation of Allah swt, botany and so fourth mashaAllah… InshaAllah this weekend we find out exactly were the garden will be, what will be in it inshaAllah, etc. I am anxious to find out, so I will keep you updated!

update: alhamdulillah, I finally have a photo of the greenhouse, here it is…

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ok, so back to homeschooling, insha’Allah

Salaam alaikum sisters,
I must apologize to those of you who come to my site for homeschooling ideas and resources as those posts, although overwhelming my mind, have not been on my wordpress lately. I am talking with other sisters about organizing a full time islamic school for our children next year inshaallah. 

I also made a deal with my dh, that I will find out the curriculum in my sons current school for next year, and if he knows it all by the end of the summer, (Allah make it easy), I get to homeschool him next year inshaAllah. (Whether the islamic school program the sisters and I are putting together is ready, will not be in question). So by the will of Allah, I should be homeschooling full time starting June.

What does this mean for all of you? More posts on homeschooling of course! I am just as excited, trust me. I love reading your blogs too, I have used so many of your own ideas with my son, some more than once. It really helps to build a strong curriculum mashaAllah, so jazakAllah khair for that, (thankyou). Also, with my dd coming to two years old on 07/26, September she should be ready for ‘school’ too inshaAllah. Oh the things that will happen inshaAllah.

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science museum

Asalaamu alaikum,
So tomorrow our group is going to go on our first real field trip of the year to science city. There are exhibits for bio-diversity, dinosaurs, a lagoon, waterfalls, robotics, the solar system,sound, elevtricity, air, and so fourth. I am not sure how many of us are going yet but it is suppose to be a big group insha’Allah.

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nature walk and sensory bin

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

Today my son took the bag I made for him and we went together on a nature walk. He collected soo many things such as berries, acorns, leaves, twigs, walnuts, etc. Afterwards we made a sensory bin and talk about the texture… is it bumpy, prickly, smooth or rough? Then I printed out the leaf sheet to classify leaves… we also made a chain of berries, and spoke about how Allah is our creator and created everything for us mashaAllah, it was a productive science and art homeschooling/unschooling afternoon!



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grow crystalline rocks

Asalaamu alaikum,

I thought I might try to teach my son about nucleation, and although it sounds complicated, it is not too hard alhamdulillah and never too early to start… here are the instructions to teach them and directions on how to make crystalline rock candy that you eat inshaAllah (complete with an explanation on nucleation)… click on the photograph below for instructions.

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More Montessori materials for you…

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,

Here are some great Montessori resources I found on Montessori for Learning. They have a fee of $4.99 but then you can download any resources you want for the rest of the year and they even have these free resources to get you started mashaAllah… here you go.

DolchPrePrimerChecklist DolchFlashCardsPrePrimer.Large
DolchrChecklistsPrimer DolchFlashCardsPrimer.Large
DolchrChecklists2ndGrade DolchFlashCards2ndGrade.Large



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