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Halal jello cake (quick)

I got this from another wordpress site (here) but this is the halal version…

1-  box of white cake mix
1 – 12 oz can of diet 7-Up
2 – pkgs of Cherry Halal jell-o .30 oz (just use 3/4 of the liquid though, use the rest for something else)
1 – tub of lite or fat free whipped cream

Ok, for those of you who haven’t heard of soda cakes, this is the different part.

Pour the contents of your cake mix into the bowl & 12 oz of soda, no eggs, no oil. Just the soda. Don’t worry, it will cook & rise normally.

I have used other white sodas but prefer the flavor of 7Up for this recipe.

Mix well until blended. Poor batter into your baking dish, saving just a little at the bottom of the bowl for you to ‘clean up’ later <wink wink, nudge nudge>. Place your cake in the oven and while its cooking, go lick, I mean, clean the bowl.

Refer to the back of your cake box for baking times.

When cake is done, let cool for a few hours.
Use the handle of a wooden spoon or something of similar size (I used this fork) to poke holes in the cake. I poke about 3 – 4 holes across, in rows aprox 1 to 2 inches apart.
Prepare sugar free Jell-o as instructed on packet and then pour over cake making sure to douse generously. In preparing two .30 oz pkgs of jello, I usually leave about 2 or 3 cups out of the cake to pour in cups and snack on later.

Get out your lite or fat free cool whip and schmear it on top of your cake.

You can even decorate it on top with fruit, get all fancy & stuff.
Refrigerate and serve to your children or save for iftar inshaAllah… bismillah!

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date chain

Asalaamu alaikum
I found this online a while ago and wanted to share it, a date chain for ramadhan….
The date chain completed.
First you cut a piece of cellophane in a rectangle (half the length of the roll and about 6 inches tall) and lay the dates in it (enough for one date per person in your family, i.e… 2 parents 7 kids=9 dates)
Then you roll the dates up.
Then you tie either end.
Then, you fold the roll in half and tie a ribbon towards the dates to make a cellophane loop. And you nee to repeat the first steps until you have 30 bunches
Now, you use a ribbon and connect the bunches by their loops. Be sure to have all the loops facing the same direction (I did up). And, tie the ribbon in a bow so the kids can just pull one end of the bow to release the bunch for the day.
Finally, secure the whole thing to a piece of cardboard through 2 holes and two pieces of the ribbon looped through the last cellophane hole. I put Happy Eid on ours since once they get to the end of the chain it will be eid.

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