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tracing arabic letters

Asalaamu aalikum,
In my sons’ Sunday School, they gave each student a book to trace the arabic letters. He just finished half his JK year but they sent him up to SK last sunday mashaAllah because he was doing so well. They are a little ahead of his old class but not ahead of him in general alhamdulillah. InshaAllah I will make sure he is caught up by tomorrow when he has class again.


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Iqraa School II

arabic language: letters jeem, haa, khaa, dal, thal
Quran: surat al ikhlas
islamic studies: duaa (before sleeping) “Bismuka Rabi wad3tu janbi wa bismuka arfa3h.”

Um Aiman, the Prophet’s babysitter
Al Hajj
The first prophet, Adam peace be upon him
song: bismillah – in arabic



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Iqraa School

Asalaamu alaikum sisters

My son has started at Iqraa school, he will go every Sunday inshaAllah. In case you are wondering how to make an islamic studies curriculum,  I will let you know what they are studying and I hope this is beneficial inshaAllah… this month they are studying:

arabic language: alif, baa, taa, thaa
Quran: soorah al fatiah
Islamic Studies: Al Salaam
Our love for Allah

The last Prophet Muhammad (saaw) and his place of birth

Amena Bint Wahab the prophets mother and his father, AbduAllah Bin Abdu al Mutalib

Bismillah” before eating and “Alhamdullilah after eating.

Prophet Muhammads (saaw) grandfather’s name: Abdul  Mutaleb bin Hashem

His foster Mother’s name: Halimah Al Sadeaa

Nasheed: “Bismillah Bismillah” in arabic.

Sister Hala told me they will not be formally giving homework this year because last year, of about seventeen students, only three would bring the homework back, astughfirullah, where is the responsibility of the parents in this Ummah? Alhamdulillah during the week  I am going to use this curriculum and expand on it, bithn’Allah.


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