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Watch “كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا” on YouTube

كويتية سنية تفتخر بهويتها الإسلامية في أمريكا:

The view of niqab and islamic dress by non Muslim women men and children on the street… only the first few minutes is in Arabic the rest of the video is English ❤

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Sisters Halaqah and Islamic Awareness Week!

Asalaamu alaikum sisters,
So on the  edge of the converts meeting, I spoke with Sr.Tahera and she is having a weekly halaqah for sisters at her home inshaAllah every Tuesday, I am going tomorrow so I will give you an idea afterwards how it plays out. Also, it is Islamic Awareness Week here where I live so there are going to be all types of lectures and events around the city, starting at the University which I want to go to inshaAllah. I will update you as I go! Looking forward to the new posts!

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